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I'm not good at daily blogging obviously lol!!

Hello Everyone,

A lot has happened since I blogged last back in June.  I lost the job I had at the storage facility he said I wasn't reaching any of the higher standards he was expecting from someone who worked there for a little over 2 years said I wasn't taking the initiative so he let me go the first week in July.  Which now I'm thankful for because at the end of August as some of you know my Papal took very sick and he died in the hospital in the first week of October.  I miss him very much.

Since he entered the hospital my Grandmother's Alzheimer's has gotten steadily worse to where we can't leave her alone.  She forgets to use her walker and falls or forgets to go to the bathroom when she needs to go and has accidents or can't make it here in time.  She can not clean herself so we have to bathe her and she can't cook for herself so basically at first I was working taking care of her for 12 hours 5 days a week.  That was to much for me I couldn't handle it kept making me sick.  So they shortened it to 3 days a week Mon.  Wed.  and Fri for 12 hours but that didn't work either so they tried just 6 hours 5 days a week and that was working fine though it didn't leave me much time to do other things I enjoyed doing like spending time with friends and family and church activities.

Then they discovered that the girl who was doing the other 6 hours a day wasn't doing all the things she was suppose to like bathing her or fixing her a big breakfast or doing any cleaning or laundry like she said she would do.  Plus she would be very late sometimes without calling to let the person on the night shift know she would be late.  She wasn't returning calls we made to talk about her scheduling for the days ahead and stuff and she kept coming in sick with throat problems and took breaks outside to smoke leaving granny alone.  She made the same amount that I did but She wouldnt' buy some decent casual cloths to come to work in she wore sweats that had holes in them in the seat of her britches with no underwear unless it was a thong and that's fine around your own home but in someone Else's house?  Someone you work for?  I'm sorry but that is NASTY!  So they fired her.  I took back over till they found someone else it wasn't any easier for me and they knew the 3 day was to much so now I just work on Monday's and Friday's from 7a-7p.  So the rest of the week I am off and able to recuperate and do more of the things I like to do.  Its been that way for several months now they fired her back in...January or February I think.

I started taking Karate Classes in March on Tuesday Evenings to help with my weight loss and to help get me more active and around more people my own age.  Its hard work for me because I"m so out of shape but its a lot of fun too.  I've also been helping out more at the church in the Kindergarten Sunday School and Wednesday evening classes.  And I'm also on the Nursery and Junior Church rotation and I am in the Drama Class which meats on Sunday nights.  We do skits and sign-language to music.

My face painting has really taken off since spring Started!  I had a gig every weekend in March except for the first weekend.  Don't have anything in April yet.  But I'm already book every an event for every weekend in May except for the last and I have one mid week event in May also!  I'm so thrilled my face painting is doing so well I love doing it!  There's nothing like not letting them see the design till you are completely done having them close there eyes put a mirror in front of them then tell them to open their eyes.  First there eyes about bug out with surprise and big grins cross their faces and sometimes they laugh for squeal for joy at the sigh of themselves it is so much fun plus I get to play with tons of glitter!  I love sparkly stuff so this Hobby suits me!  lol

Back in Feb we had a grease fire in the kitchen and we finally got the finishing touches done to to fix the damage that was done.  Had to get a new stove, new cabinets, and new flooring had to get the living room and hallways repainted because of all the smoke damage.  But its finally all done!

I'm going to a doctor this Thursday in the hope he will let me do the weight loss shot program he's doing I'll tell you more about that after I learn if he's going let me do it or not.  I hope he will at least enough to where I'll be at a safe weight to get the breast reduction I need so badly.  To help my back and my breathing.  So please be remembering me in your prayers!  Also been having some insurance problems since the fire the company we were with doesn't want to renew so we've been looking for a new company and I think dad said he found one that would take us so We seem to be doing better on that subject.  Well I'm tired and its almost time for my shift at Granny's to end so I'm going to stop for tonight and hopefully I'll continue to blog regularly from now on if not every day at least every few days.  Take Care and bye till we Talk again!

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