Star's Stellar Journal

A lot going on but not inspired to write really.

Hey everyone,

I survived the 9 to 5 work week but I was soo exhausted I was sleeping in most of last week so I didn't get on much.  Plus last week was our church's Vacation Bible school and that was from 6pm to 9pm but I was often still at the church at 10 pm because of planning the next day's lessons and getting the prep work all done.  I was at the Church all day last Sunday when VBS began because I went to Sunday School then during church got the first nights lesson materials ready then practicing the music and signlanguage with the drama team for a few hours then spent the rest of the day decorating our room for VBS.  I was soo tired thankfully I was off on Monday due to the holiday.  I got in so late and slept in and then showered and spent a little time online or watching movies then fixed dinner and then went back to VBS lol.

My trial set of Contacts arrive don Thursday so I had to wake up early that morning and go and get taught how to care for them and how to put them in and take them out.  It takes me a while to put them in because of a bad blinking reflex when anything gets near my eyes.  My vison dosen't seem as good with them but the eye doc said it would be somewhat different from my glasses and would take getting use to.  Other then that nothing much has been happening.  I g2g for now its starting to storm so take care!  Byess

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