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What is it like on the other side?

I just got this note via Said Simple in reference to my nudism post and since it's not traditional email, I have no way of responding except by way of Said Simple.  So dear one, I'll try and answer you the best I can.  The question you asked was:  What is it like on the other side?

First of all, I am very sorry and mortified that your confidence was broken by one who thought they were doing the right thing in talking to leadership and family about something that was so private to you.  Nudism is a very misunderstood lifestyle, there is a very fine line that some people cross in thinking that nudists are equivalent to those in the swinger lifestyle, wife swapping, crap like that.  Unfortunately, I'm afraid, there's always going to be that stigma, only those with open, loving, understanding hearts will accept you and love you for who you are and if being a nudist, or enjoying nude recreation is part of you and something that you enjoy, no one should be allowed to take that away from you YOU ARE NOT DOING ANYTHING WRONG...which is why I had to separate myself from those I knew would judge me harshly.  Ok, what's it like on the other side? 

I am so happy that what happened in my testimony did happen.  It was a nightmare at first, but over time it has become the most wonderful blessing in my life.  Nudism did not take Jesus out of my life, but started me on a new journey to find out who I truly am instead of who everyone else thought I should be.  I spent 46 years of my life performing to please everyone else but myself...It became even worse when I received Jesus into my life at the age of 19.  I became the embodiment of the mechanical Christian, reading nothing but Christian books, the bible, preaching and sharing out of love to others w/out Christ.  Making sure my kids were in the church every time the door was open...etc, etc...

We actually for the first time have friends as a couple!  And I have to say, nudists are best friends in the world!  I have seen more love, understanding and forgiveness and as close to unconditional love as one can have, then in the Christian world.  What a shame!  Those who are closed minded don't know what they are missing!

You should not have to lose your relationship with your friends and family, nudism is just one aspect of your life, not your whole life...right?  If you lose those loved ones, the choice was not yours, it will be theirs, because you are the same person they grew up with and became friends with...You are NOT an evil person.  You are loved by your husband and most importantly by God! I'd highly recommend that you contact Jeff Bowman, as a naturist minister he will be able to council you much better then I, he helped me so much...just google his name, he's easy to find and even easier to talk to! 

I wish you the best dear one, if you'd like to keep in touch further, send me another message from this site, please include your email as I have no other way to respond to you.

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