Amber's Writings


Right now, the things I wish for most
are the things I never had.

Walking, running,

feeling the sun caress my skin
the skin over my whole body,
not just arms and legs.

The skin over my whole body
meshed into the skin of yours.
Nothing between.
No cloth, metal, or plastic.

I really wish for
the craziness to pass
the pain to go

I want to know that when you see me
at least sometimes
you are filled with something more and stronger
than resigned preparedness for the next disaster,
or eager friendliness to start the next daily adventure.

I wish to see in your eyes
the same happiness
that fills mine when I see you.

The same lighting up of my entire being
that occurs at just your simplest touch.

I need to know what
to say to bring you to now.

I need to know how
to touch you to make you lose

Everything around you, pain and stress
and noise and everything except

The skin over my body
melting yours with the love
pouring through my hands
and eyes
and lips.

And when that fire banks
into a soft glow,
(for it never goes away from me)
I want you
I want us

Filled with rest and the deepest peace
that comes from knowing love in its purest form;

So that we can rise up,
though not before we want to,
ready to take on this world
and all the disastrous and wonderful daily adventures

Knowing that we are always together
in spite of cloth metal or plastic

Or ignorance or spite.

For we are stronger than any of these
when love is our flashlight.