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My 34th birthday was beautiful.

My birthday was beautiful.

Here's a list of the activities through this wonderful day:

  1. Got to sleep in to about 7:30 a.m.  I am usually awake by 5:00 a.m.  or 6:00 a.m.
  2. Took my  time to answer  birthday phone calls, returned birthday texts, played with my dog.
  3. Took a long hot shower and got ready by 9:30 a.m.
  4. Daniel, my boyfriend was came by at 10:00 a.m.  A stick horse which neighs was the birthday gift he gave me.  He rode it around my living room, we both laughed so hard.  He says he will find a way to mount it on my silver chariot.  Then we went to Denny's I could "cash in" on my free birthday breakfast.
  5. By 11:30 a.m.  we were done with breakfast.  Daniel was kind enough to drive me around so I could do some  errands.
  6.   By: 12:45 p.m.  I was done with my errands.
  7. By 1:00 p.m we stop at Dutch Brothers Coffee for my free birthday coffee and some waters.
  8. By 1:45 p.m.  My spur of the moment haircut was done.
  9. By 2:30 p.m.  I  stopped at Autozone with Daniel to have power steering fluid put in my car.
  10. By: 3:10 p.m.  Daniel and I made it to Sugar Bowl Ice Cream Shop in Old Scottsdale where Daniel treated me to an old fashion hot fudge sundae, complete with whipped cream and a cherry on top!  It was delicious! 
  11. Then we took some time to check out Sugarbowl's arcade room.  I was excited it had a Spiderman pinball game!  I love pinball!  I would have played a game or two, but there was another pinball wizard racking up his score at the moment.  And he was not going anywhere.  Trust me, I was  waiting and watching hoping he would leave, so I could play.  But, he did not.  So we left.  It was so cool, to show Daniel a place in my hometown where he had never been before.
  12. By 4:05 p.m., We made it to Scottsdale Civic Center Park.  We both love walking this beautiful park.  Every thing from it's horse-drawn carriages to its places to sit by the fountains, makes it gorgeous!
  13. By 5:00 p.m., we  were at Frank  and Lupe's Mexican Restaurant  in Old town having dinner with my parents outside on the patio,loving the comfortable spring-like weather.  I had green corn tamales, and fried ice cream for dessert.  We shared mini chimis and tacos.  Yum!
  14. By 8:00 p.m.  Daniel and I were back from dinner.
  15. By 9:30 p.m.  Daniel and I were on Mill  Ave and I "cashed in" again at Starbucks, and order my free grande Java Chip Frap.
  16. By 9:45 p.m.  I met up with my best friend Alina for some kareoke at 414.  Andres, another friend of mine showed as well.  Alina treated me to some kanolis and  she asked the balloon guy Steve to make a Belle from Beauty and Beast Balloon.
  17. By midnight, this birthday princess said goodbye to Daniel and went to bed.

Like I said, my 34th birthday was beautiful.

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