Fourteen Steps to Nowhere

Writing Prompt #5

The white-blond twins' fingers flew at the keys on their respective keyboards, two pairs of pale blue eyes wide and unblinking.

"Come on, come on," they whispered in flawless union.

"I'm in!" Hissed the first twin.

"Me too," said the second and they shut their eyes and continued to tap their fingers against the keyboard.

"Boys, what do you see?" The professor asked.  He looked nervous at the prospect of the two boys using their psychic connection to enter their mother's mind to bring her "home" from her own psychic flight, but it was their only option, and they did have the tactile sensation of typing to keep them grounded while they attempted it.  The twins smiled, their eyes fluttering slightly underneath their eyelids.

"We see our mother," the boys said.

"She's crying." One stated.

"And she's cold." The other added.

"She doesn't have much time left - we have to get her mind back!" The professor thought about their mother crying and frowned.  He blamed himself for her current state - he, after all, had asked her to try to break into the high security government files.

The professor blinked away the horror of screams when she had been seized by a high level psychic virus designed to protect the governments secrets.  Unlike a virus that attacked the body this one drew her into her mind and preyed on memories and creative thoughts.  It drew her deeper and deeper into herself, creating loops until she had no way out and merely went mad.  It was his fault.  He had wanted the secrets for his own scientific purposes - he had been able to taste the wonderful things he could create with what they held back, so he had dared to risk her life knowing that because she loved him she would deny him nothing.

He hadn't told her children.

"We forgive you, Professor," one of the boys said.  The professor jolted back to the two children and the dire reality of the situation.

"Yes, Professor," said the other.

"It's what mother would want." They told him in unison.  Clearly they had read him thoughts.  Two pairs of pale blue eyes stared at him.

"Did you save her?" The professor asked breathlessly.

"No, we couldn't," they said.  The professor felt his mouth go dry as the two children stopped their tactile typing.  "It's all right, Professor.  We forgive you." The boys repeated.  The professor stared at them for moment, stricken.

"Boys, how can you forgive me?" The professor's voice shook as he spoke.

"Mother loved you therefore she would not wish for us to hate you." They explained.  The three stood in silence for a moment.

"Boys, I need to do some thinking," the professor said and stumbled away like a wounded dog.

"Shall we try again?" One boy started to clack away at the keyboard and the other quickly followed suit.

"We're coming, Mother," the other boy said.

"We'll protect you." the boys whispered as their eyes shut and started fluttering back.

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