Phillip's Writings

A nightmare

'How is everyone tonight...' the announcer is obviously American.
The deafening roar of the crowd.
‘I asked you how is everyone tonight?'
An even louder roar from the crowd.
'We have great show tonight'.  rampant clapping.
The victims are brought in, the disabilities are obvious as is their fear.
The audience cheer.
The men in the white coats are waiting on the side lines.
The program is  just another involuntary euthanasia show.  You switch of the TV. 
To answer how this could happen we have to examine certain events.

Kavorkian and his followers have  painted disabled people as suffering and the good doctor is merely relieving their pain.  The eugenicists support the good doctor by arguing introducing the right to die for those suffering from disability as a necessary , adding that the right to not be born, or in those cases where testing failed, the child has a right to be killed.  The argument that the future suffering of the child should be prevented at all cost is supported by many.  They also restate that disabled people are inferior, and  reintroduce the concept of  the genetic spread of disability and weakness.

Economically rational programs for the disabled are given preference over human considerations.  The disabled are talked about as an economic drain on societies limited resources.  Economic factors are given precedence over life.  A fit young person has more right to live than an older person.  Life is weighed and balanced by potential economic productivity.

Pensions are frozen and inflation forces the disabled without jobs to live in  nursing home type accommodation, or with family or friends, thus reinforcing the idea that they a burden on the community.  However, the rights guaranteed by human rights and equal opportunity legislation have been slowly eroded and finally cancelled.  There is therefore no way to force modifications so jobs are not there.  Many of these poor disabled people have been educated to feel themselves to be a burden on the family, or the family feels they are a burden.  Kervorkian and others are busy.  Disabled people are seen as selfish drains on society and should commit suicide rather than live, as suffering, drains on the resources of the community.  Many disabled people have been brainwashed to think they are a drain, having been raised in this society.  Society increasing the pressure of feeling like a drain on society, which results is suicide  being seen as the only logical  solution to disability.

The suicide rate increases, which reinforces the view that anything is better than being disabled.

The disabled are slowly painted by the mass media as causing unemployment by taking jobs away from the non-disabled people, while at the same time lacking  motivation and intelligence.

A new psychological disease starts to get written about in the disability literature.  Happy disabled people are seen as being too stupid or crazy to know they should be miserable.  Happiness becomes a medical sign of craziness in disabled people.  This means that any show of a sense of humour will get you electro convulsive therapy.  The sullen depressed disabled person is seen as sane and has a realistic view of his disability.  This also reinforces that being disabled is worse than death.

As society becomes increasing obsessed with fitness, beauty and youth, disabled people are ostracised further.  The medical profession offers to transform and reshape disabled bodies, to cure, or  kill the disabled and there are more and more deaths as a result of some of the radical cures the doctors experiment with.  But its better to be dead than disabled, right?  The medicalization of disabled bodies proceeds as doctors do more radical plastic surgery and more and more doctors are trained to screen for imperfection and disability.  Everyone who applies for employment must show his or her medical fitness card.

The government begins to warehouse disabled people in larger and larger nursing homes as the number of disenfranchised disabled people are problematised.  First the most severely disabled are removed and locked up for either their own good or for the good of society.  Staff numbers increase as the warehousing of difference takes place.  As more disabled people are moved into these warehouses, more guards and administrators are needed.  The government argues that this money should be spent on other things.

The disabled are then shifted from one nursing home ghetto to another breaking their friendships and family ties.  The shifting of disabled people to nursing homes far from their homes breaks up friendships in the name of providing better care, Reinforcing the view that disability is a medical problem.  Those who aren’t cured, don’t die, don’t commit suicide are deemed by the medical profession to be incompetent, they just don’t know they should die.

The solution for those disabled people who medicine can’t cure and who won’t kill themselves is to turn them into entertainment.  The disabled are no longer seen to be human, so their deaths can be a form of socially acceptable  entertainment, sort of like bear baiting or badger or bull baiting was in Victorian times.