Phillip's Writings

The art of kissing a frog

Is there an art to turning a frog into a prince,
Does frog have to want to change into a prince,
Does it matter if they are compatable,
Does it matter if she's not a princess,
Does it matter if she's not stunnningly knock dead gorgeous,
Does she have to care,
Does frog prince have to care,
Does she have to believe in the magic, the miracle of the first kiss,
Does frog prince have to believe that she's a true princess,
Does that first kiss have to be a lip locked, toungue in the mouth smooch,
(or can it be just a smooch),
Does frog - prince have to turn into a charming prince,
Does a charming prince equel a prince-charming,
Does one learn the art of transforming frogs into princes
(like turning men into husbands),
Does one tell what is a frog prince from a frog,
Does one have to kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince,
Does the princess on kissing just a frog turn into a frog,
Does it matter?