Lois' Writings

Idiots and Jerks and Deer. Oh, My!

While The Mr.  was on his way home from work a very large deer decided to commit suicide by dashing in front of the car.  Though The Mr.  sustained little physical damage, the accident has caused him some mental pain, and not just at the loss of a perfectly working, and paid for car, but the thought of what could have happened. 

You see, a second later and the deer would have been centered right in front of the car, something that statistics have shown do not bode well for those inside most vehicles. 

It is amazing how much something as small a mere second of time can change so much in your life. 

And though wiping out a car, and a deer, is traumatic, finding out just how much money you are not going to receive in order to get a replacement can be almost as traumatic. 

Life sometimes hands you lemons, but in this case we are not making lemonade since we do not have any sugar. 

But at least the person from the insurance company was not a total jerk and idiot, unlike someone I have had to deal with for the last few weeks. 

As my health has declined accommodations have had to be made, and one of these is the remodel of my bathroom and bedroom area. 

But to do so costs a lot of money.  It also requires someone with experience in designing a bathroom and bedroom area where I would feel safe and secure. 

As it turns out the designer I was assigned turned out to be a total idiot, and, as it turns out, a real jerk whenever I disagreed with what she presented. 

Now, from day one I was having a problem with her and knew that it was not a good match, but because of another disorder that I have I decided to stay with her. 

I oftentimes have problems processing aural information so initially thought that the problem was me, and this was why I did not ask for another designer.

This is also why I write down what I want to say, as well as take notes when others are telling me something that I know I need to remember. 

But if there is one thing that aggravates me to no end it is when I know that I am being clear and concise, because I am reading from my notes, and then whatever I have said is ignored. 

So I had written down everything that I wanted and needed in this remodel, and the designer even wrote all of this down as well.  So imagine my surprise when we next met.  It was like the two hours she was in our home went out the window. 

This nonsense kept up over numerous visits to her showroom, phone conversations, and emails (aha!  a record of what was said, proving that I was clear and concise, unlike this essay), so I knew it was not me. 

And since the problem continued I had no choice but to inform the contractor that we needed another designer.

Like I need this drama in my life? 

Right now I am waiting to hear back from the contractor as he is going to talk to her about this problem we all seem to be having. 

Okay, it is only me who is having a problem, but when I am paying mega bucks then damn straight I am going to get what I want.

So, the hell with this idiotic jerk.  And heaven help the next idiot and/or jerk who gets in my way.