Lois' Writings

A while ago we started to notice a lot of healthy tree parts strewn all over our backyard, especially in the area under a particular stand of pine trees.

Now, various flora scattered about the yard is nothing new to us since we have quite a large variety of plants, and on windy days all sorts of stuff ends up everywhere, but it looked as if someone had taken a chainsaw and purposely decided to do some unnecessary pine tree trimming.

Not such a good thing…

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Behold the Useless Throne (To Me That Is)

First off, we are no strangers to renovating a home, having worked on updating This Damn House for the past 20-odd years.  And though we have tried to keep it as straightforward as possible, this latest round of remodeling has me wondering just how far The Homes and Gardens Industry will go.

I speak of toilets here.

We moved into This Damn House in 1994, and though it was basically move-in ready, everything was still stuck in the early 1970s, when the house was built.

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Idiots and Jerks and Deer. Oh, My!

While The Mr.  was on his way home from work a very large deer decided to commit suicide by dashing in front of the car.  Though The Mr.  sustained little physical damage, the accident has caused him some mental pain, and not just at the loss of a perfectly working, and paid for car, but the thought of what could have happened.

You see, a second later and the deer would have been centered right in front of the car, something that statistics have shown do…

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The Very Real, Very Sad Lives of (Some) Others

Over a year ago I joined a chat room for those with disabilities, hoping to connect with others in a similar situation as mine.  And as much as I belabor the point about how technically challenged I am, and how I do not get along too well with any of the latest whatever-is-out-there, I will say that if not for technology many of the people I have come to know would be even more isolated than they are now.  Including myself.

For the most part, the…

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