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A Postscript Regarding the Renovation

I learned quite a few things when we renovated my bathroom.  Before any work began I learned a lot about toilets, and about how useless some designers can be.  Throughout the duration of the work I learned that there are always surprises waiting behind walls, and under the floors.  But this was something I already knew since we are no strangers to renovations.  But it was not until the work was done, and I experienced using my new bathroom that I really learned some things. 

For one, I learned that those lovely niches you see in showers are not so great since some items slide right off.  You see, there must be a slight incline on the base of the niche so water can drain out, but then you must factor in the laws of gravity. 

The entire point of a niche is to store items you use within easy reach, thus eliminating the need for one of those shower caddies.  You know; the ones that say that they are rust-proof but are not.  The ones where you need to reach high above your head to access most items; something that I am unable to do since I am quite short, not to mention that I cannot raise my right arm. 

So I found myself needing a shower caddie for most items, but I did manage to find some rubber-footed soap dishes, so at least the niche is being used, somewhat. 

I also learned that something as small as a quarter of an inch can make the biggest difference in the world.  This was the difference in height that the bathroom tile floor had to be raised in order to get what I wanted, but I am still stumbling over the threshold.  I just wonder how long it will take before I get used to this bump in the road. 

I also forgot to take into consideration what when the mirrored cabinets are recessed into the wall, rather than surface mounted, that means one must reach further to access what is within.  So I have all of this storage space, but I am unable to use it. 

And finally I learned that those fancy drawers that close themselves are more trouble than they are worth.  In order for this to work you must physically push in the drawer almost all of the way to being closed, so what is the point?  But worse, since the drawer is set up to close on its own that means that it is also more difficult to open.  So for those who have problems using their hands, for one reason or another, opening the drawer means being able to pull hard enough, and at the correct angle as well.

I cannot tell you how often I have injured myself trying to get the darn drawers open.

Live and learn. 

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