Gene's Writings

Hush of Sorrows

Were do we find this when we linger on in silly dreams?
What hope do have in the excitement of another day?
How is it we dig deeper and see the light of a new morning?
Tell me how do we do it we elite few who suffer.
In our space of misery we see no dream.
What I say scares people but the truth be known.
Hope is lost with few who understand.
Our bodies consumed with hell on earth.
Who but one like me understands.
Just a linger of life to the next day.
Hope of life given to each moment.
I have no good words anymore.
This torture has killed the soul.
Dont look to me as bleak.
You can't begin to know.
What I say is your controversy not mine.
It doesn't matter.
I will have my own reality.
What is the substance of a dream anyway.
Placebo's of what could have been to the mind and soul.
That of what my quest has had is no more.
What is this that we do to carry on?
Why when the fire of pain is in the bodies wealth.
Stealing ever so stealing the life
Life that once was a pool of joy and laughter.
Take from me that once was and give unto sorrow
Cry not for my fate is the fate of all who have lived, and laughed.
I care not what is said upon my epitaph.
I gave my all.
No tears for me when seasons suffering has past.
Within the passing is the hush of sorrows.