Gene's Writings

The Visitor

The moon whispers a gentile glow through my window as I come to sleeps soft slumber.
As the shadows on the wall change shapes I let a sigh softly in the night.
Unknowingly pulling the pillow tighter to me I see a story start to unfold as in a haze of dreams.
I felt the presence of an essence to one who I have never met but only in spirits form.
In moonlights grace I find no fear as there are the gentile movements of graceful passion. 
I ask myself "who is this that has me so mesmerized with such passions love?"
Standing at the foot of my bed stout and with all confidence seeming ever free of any physical pain or suffering.
Saluting his hand forward without hasting intent I sit up and look to him wiping the chain of sleep from my eyes.
I hesitate as I think to reach out and take the hand before me
His eyes mirrored his soul as I look to them and see no wanton take.
I seated my hand in his and felt the warmth and tender kindness of a soul filled with many sorrows.
  Time and space became foreign to me as he showed me all desire in nearly a single instant.
Bonded I was to that place forever and with a kind of reverence.
So is the journey that he took of  my heart and soul with all giving of that sacred place of trust.
Never will I betray what I have come to find in him.  for I have seen him bare his all to me.
I have seen myself fulfill that place of sorrow and in that I have found my worth to him.
Not knowing if i will ever again hear is song or see his colored Aura that so filled my eyes with wonder.
How is this that I have been the chosen of such surrender is his honor to me.
I am overwhelmed
In his seeking I reached up and dried the tears of a lifetime spent not knowing nor caring the right or wrong of it.
reaching up and setting my face in his palm he ever so slightly smiles the smile of a soul kindly healed.
With all events I am to wonder who it is that has been captured, Him or I?
In all gentile persuasion I have taken him upon me as our souls make gentile love.
He placed his trust in my open hands to that I will not betray.
I showed him all that two can be as we inhance the others inner peace.
I laid him next to me and held the essence of kindness shared in scared places.
Told him stories that watered the dry parch of a lonely heart.
I walked with him upon his own dreams that made partners of a lifetime shared.
Upon all this did my suitor and I dance in this waltz of dreams.
Music made  from the symphony of surrender and passions strings
I felt us both wanting nothing more then to stay in this place forever.
The driving need had come to exceed me as I finely had to ask, "Who are you?"
Standing once again with just my hand in his.  he slowly leans to me and kisses my forehead softly saying but two words.
I could tell of the joy and fondness surrounds us as he ever so slowly, let go of my hand
Suddenly awakening I pull my pillow ever tighter in an effort to catch a fleeting glimpse of the calm serenity that had taken place just moments before.
Feeling the fulfillment I finely remember two words so carefully spoken.