Gene's Writings

Promised Land

I look to the day with honor bright
When all will be clear within my sight.
I will know then just where I stand.
There are no tears in the promised land.

All will be joy but don't be deceived.
This place I talk of are for those who believed.
Don't think that good works will earn His benevolent hand.
You have to have faith to reach the promised land.

Now you may laugh at what I suggest.
My heart and my wisdom tells me whats best.
Be at peace with others this is the plan.
To gain reward in the promised land.

You ask me how is it that this can be.
I see you suffer in pain and misery.
Don't judge me so harshly you don't understand.
Many have suffered for the promised land.

To live is a journey and kind of a quest.
To be able to see what you know is best.
Yes I'm in pain but I know what I am.
For I have the spirit of the promised land.

Don't judge me because of the pain I am in.
That I am this way because I have sin.
That I have not received the blessing of the Man,
Who is the Creator of the promised land.

Turmoil and chaos that is around me.
Has no impact on my animosity
I will walk threw life with peace in my hand.
Because I am part of the promised land.

So I will suffer in pain if thats what I must.
I know where it is that I must put my trust.
I Don't care if you laugh, I have made my stand.
I will not curse the Maker of the promised land.

Don't cry for me, Don't shed a tear.
I want you to be happy for me.
For when I pass I know where I'll be.
In the promised land on bended knee.