Gene's Writings


All emotions ever sweeping.
Sad of heart within there keeping.
Silent thought their stares and lear's.
Leave footprints on the plain of tears.

Cruelty spoken never said.
Looking out from eyes that dread.
Cannot hide their petty fears.
Mercy lost on plain of tears.

Virtues touch do parents teach.
When will this end cries beseech.
Quest for justice, on deaf ears.
A lonely path on plain of tears.

Journey onward look around.
Little pieces on the ground.
Body hazily disappears .
Endless is the plain of tears.

Winners, losers take the fall .
It matters not it will take all.
Suddenly it then appears.
There's no direction, on plain of tears.

Shattered dreams will never see.
Prophecy of what could be.
Gaze into the hall of mirrors.
Bring sorrow to the plain of tears.

Quietly now, go from this place.
Lifted up through time and space.
There is no laughter, are no cheers.
Death has come to plain of tears.