Gene's Writings

My Agony

Greetings small one, my name is pain.
I have come to haunt you, for I am bane.
Run if you will, I chase you down.
No place to hide, you will always be found.

I am the cloud of stench that you can't see.
The existence of your misery.
Try if you will you will not beat me. 
I am relentless in my animosity.

Like a plaque I'm in your mind to stay.
Forever turning colors into grey.
What you were you're now nothing to me.
Darkness I am on your tapestry.

I am the killer of your dreams.
In the mind to laugh at lonely screams.
Bringer am I of your deepest fears.
Crier you are of endless tears.

You are my slave you will do as I bid.
Laughing like the jester, I'm the monster of the id.
Don't try and turn the tables on me.
I dance, and smile, leering with glee.

Feeding off your agony.
I am the one you want to be.
Upset you are by my control.
My magic is darkness upon your soul.

Make no mistake,have no illusion.
Anger will be your one conclusion.
Bringer am I of endless sorrow.
There is no peace that you can barrow.

Leave your faith in disillusion.
Snide am I of the final solution.
I am with you until your last breath.
Your only escape will be your death.