Gene's Writings


Fair lady it is for you that I have made my quest
How is it that I can have you in my mind and yet you are so far away
I cannot seem to touch you yet your right in front of me
I have seen your essence and felt your place upon my being
This must be some sort of twisted justice that's laid upon my soul
You torment me yet I still strive to be my best
I have seen your face, drank you in in my minds eye
A burden I must carry  as I cannot put you away
Give me some kind of hint to what would set me free.

It was no noise of thunder I have come to this place
In the confusion of life I have walked on many paths
Knowing the answers to my questions yet still finding them not
Where are you?  Please,come to me I ask with humbled presence
Let me greet you fairly so when I am with age I will have not forgot
Who are you my love that clutches at me with open arms
I can feel your gentile soul taking flight through time and space
Like summer rain you softy took me to your embrace.

You capture me with whispers as I turn my head to see
You have me mesmerized as you speak with enchanted strain
Your the one I seek for loves kind reverence
Can I offer myself with trust and desires of gratitude?
Are you the one I put my hope in for deliverance?
Let us dance together and send us to what will be
Build we will a refuge away from strife and bane.

I cannot see in my minds eye why I am suppose to suffer.
Effort in vain I search for you knowing your out there somewhere,
Your essence made its way to me in the night with soft intent.
I  saw my face laid back on my pillow as you come into view.
Just us two in candled light  face to face it was safe and without a care.
Leaning close ever closer our lips are softly feeling the wanton song of
love so rare.

In  a twinkling the world spins as our tongues slightly touch.
Then your not there.
I wake from foggy misty bond of untold secrets that are kept.
Not to know whether  I call this madness, or is it  a beauty of
something more that I should share.
I have felt our souls travel upon the stars.
Toil and strife have no presence behind these castle walls.
As I feel the sending of our love, the bodies anger to the mind has been
cast out.
Do I pretend this doesn't happen and think I have lost my mind?
Can it be I have come to so fair a love of something I cannot touch?
Or shall I roam the lands in search of love I cannot find?
Tell me know I ask of you.  What is illusion and what is real?

If I can contemplate will I find out who you are?
Can I accept this that haunts me, or do I cast it out?
Can I think of you with bonded reverence or must I love you from afar.
I ask my mind to put and end to this, that which I have so much passion for.
My fears go for ever forward cluttered with empty hopes
I have to ask myself questions that seem to have no end.
I see you in the sun with hair about a gentile breeze.
You glow with long passion and  your smile lights up your face and heart.
Your beauty within has desired me with spoils for more.
I cannot lay my thoughts to rest  not knowing if my reveries construe.
In odyssey I have found that love will not control nor can be bound by
Many have gone before me to search the portraits of love found in dreams.
Some have said that my mind is filled with foolish obsessions.
To undertake such a task in the name of love is mindless.
Can anyone tell me the difference between insanity and the desire of a
heart fulfilled?
By what definition is there between madness and desire?

Should I undertake this quest to find you sweet lady of my dream?
When I find you face to face with me what will fate have brought?
Should I be smiled upon in our meeting and be gifted with peace at last?
It would be that I would come to know you and show you with deeds that
you are all that I admire.
A fairy tale come true is the hope of all who have ever lived and loved.
Should I find you in a journey of ten thousand miles will I have you to
my heart?
What with this I would but find I am not mad and receive my desire.
To  have found you be vowed to another by oath and love would be so
tragic a tail in all I have sought.
Will I have found you with another and I therefore must pale away?
Would it be that with my broken body you would turn me away
as I see disdain marked upon your gentile soul.
Sweet lady I have look upon you eyes and heard your soft voice in which
I have been in trance.
Would it be what I seek is of promise or turn to my demise..
Touch me with your heart so that I may know that you are real and not
something my loneliness has bought.

What would I follow after my own lust or listen to the words of those
who are called wise.
Balance my mind I say and let this stave away from me.
Inference is no help as I cannot trust what I am to cast my own judgment.
Am I a dreamer?
Am I mad?
Who are you?
Are you out there?