Diane's Writings

Pretty Sleepy Lover

It's five in the morning as I reach across the bed to wake you.  In the gray morning light, I can just see the outline of the muscles of your back as I stroke your shoulders.  Barely awake, you turn to me with your eyes still closed.  I love the way your long, dark lashes curl against your cheek. 

I slip my right arm under your neck and wrap my left leg over and under your right so that I can pull you onto your side.  In a movement that's become fluid from practice, we're spooned against each other face-to-face.  Your left arm slips under me at my waist; your right arm across me to pull me into an arch against you as your hand presses the center of my back.  You snuggle in burying your face against me, kissing my breasts. 

We stay like this for a moment, neither speaking.  I run my long fingernails across the tops of your shoulders and enjoy the warm man smell of you as I gently coax you out of sleep.  Your breathing changes and I can feel you shift into me.  With a sigh, you lift your chin and kiss me in the hollow of my neck.  In a slow, gentle ballet, we touch and stroke and kiss one another. 

Good morning, my pretty, sleepy lover.