Diane's Writings

I miss you

I miss you.  I know all the things you say are true, that this isn't the right time for us and I need to do the right thing for those in my life now, but I miss you. 

I miss how effortless it is to be with you, how you make me laugh and tease me.  I miss the way you smell and the way you feel and the way you kiss.  I miss sharing my day with someone who mirrors me in almost every way. 

I miss playing with you, having you catch me up and pin me down although both of us know I could easily get away and that you only use a small fraction of the power you have in those arms to keep me still.  I miss those arms. 

I miss the me I was when you were there.  I miss the sparkle.  I miss laughing.  I have a good life without you: but as much as I have, it doesn't fill that void that you did.