Desiree's Writings

The Strength of Dreams

May 1997

The young woman starts on her path in life with hopes and dreams yet to be realized. She has a world of possiblities before her.

The young woman, now a Mother, holds her newborn daughter and looks into the eyes of the future.  She holds the child close and warm and safe. The child learns security.

The Mother stands at the stove cooking the family meal.  With one hand she tends the meal, with the other she tends the child on her hip. The child learns responsibility.

The Mother sits in a rocking chair, the child on her lap as she sings and plays. The child learns joy.

The Mother wakes before dawn to hang clothes on the line before she goes to work. The child learns commitment.

The Mother faces adversity while trying to raise her children alone. The child learns perseverance.

Time passes and the Mother raises her family.  Her path set, her youthful dreams a fading memory. The child learns strength.

The child, now a young mother herself, raises her own daughters. She wakes each morning to cook and clean, to sing, to work, to play with her children.

She returns to school to pursue her dreams because she learned strength and perseverance. She rises at dawn to embrace the day because she believes in commitment. She juggles raising her children, going to school, and a job because she is responsible. She is patient with her children when they are not because she was secure. She looks into the eyes of her daughters and sees the future because she understands joy.