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Bored, but with Chocolate!

I love Willits but im bored shitless.  I'm not driving until my eye heals completely.  When it does I'll spend a week with my sister Janet's at Trinity Canyon Lodge and i'll make a quick run to Chico, California to have lunch with friends from the chat.  After that, perhaps back to Oregon so spend more time with Amber.

The good news is that I can eat chocolate again...

So there I was, standing in the kitchen, staring at a plate of fudge brownies that were staring back at me.  This was the first time I had been left alone in the presence of truly decadent looking chocolate in at least 5 years.  As always, they were calling out to me but I was usually able to reject their demands to be eaten.  Not this time.  I had to try it.  We needed each other.

Hearkening back to lessons learned in survival classes, I took a small piece of it and rubbed it into the bare skin on my wrist.  Then, spending the next 3 hours looking as if someone took a shit on my arm, I kept careful watch for any hives to appear.  None appeared.  Next, I rubbed a piece on my lip and waited.  Hours pass and no swelling.  I ventured a nibble and time.  Nothing happened other than my toes curling from sheer chocolate ecstasy.

With half of the day gone by, I finally ate a small brownie square.  An hour later I took note that I was  still alive and then went for broke.  Like the Cookie Monster on a binge, I ate the entire plate of brownies.  Jen made more and I ate that whole plate too.

I lived to tell this story!

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