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Waiting for my Kindle 2

Amazon Kindle  Not too much to report for the week other than *ahem* I BOUGHT AN AMAZON KINDLE 2!  Woot!  Yes, I am indeed excited!

I love to read but because of my eye problems so many different things cause severe eye strain and when you couple that with the small print of most books, it makes reading a chore.  Since the Kindle 2 will allow me to change to larger font sizes it should make things much easier.  It was a bit expensive, but to be able to read again makes it well worth it.

I've already pre-ordered a bunch of books from but have also found all the classics for free, so I am stocked up on all of Mark Twain and many other good books I've been missing.

I promised Danielle I would write a review a week after it arrives, which should be next week.

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