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Forgetting Seven Pounds

It's the best I could do for a title on such short notice.  Today I watched two movies and both surprised me in different ways.

The first one was Forgetting Sarah Marshall, which was a comedy/romance.  It was a cute movie but what impressed me the most about it was its strategic use of non-sexual nudity.  It's the first R rated movie I have ever seen that showed a fully nude male in non-sexual situations.  I shoud mention that the movie also had an abundance of funny but gratuitous sex scenes, probably too many, but it doesn't remove from the fact that the just plain nude scenes were done in a respectable manner.  It's a lot like some of my friendships where on hot days all of our clothes were left by the door and we watched movies, did artwork, conversed or otherwise just enjoyed each others company.  That's the way it should be everywhere.

The other movie was Seven Pounds with Will Smith.  This was not the kind of movie where you can go around saying "I really enjoyed it!"  It's not a movie anyone can enjoy, but it sure was moving and I can relate to it on so many different levels.  Like the character in the movie, I am not a person who seeks fame and glory as both make me very uncomfortable.  The only thing I want is to know that I will not be gloriously remembered, but rather subtlety remembered when I am gone.  I want to leave knowing that I have done at least one good thing for at least one good person.  Until then, all I need is love.  Maybe if all people lived like that it would be a better world.

I think that's all I have to say for the moment.

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