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Have I been an influence?

As of late I have wanted to know if I've made any type of impact in the world.  Are there little pieces of me that will live beyond me.

To date I've heard from at least 5 people who became software programmers as a result of knowing me or knowing of my past works.  Just a few months back I got an email from someone who saw my name and remembered it from way back when and wrote to tell me about how I influenced him.  It was nice t know and it was not something I ever expected.

Campaign For Durham To Get A Nudist PoolNudist NeighborsThis week I was looking at Facebook profiles and found one nudist organization was using some of my very simplistic artwork as their group logo and a few pages later I found yet another nudist group using an actual picture of me as their mascot/logo.  Some expected me to protest both but to be honest, I am quite humbled.  Just today I found references to my nudist Meez avatar and they were kind enough to recognize it as thoroughly legitimate and respectable.  When I first posted it, I got a very nice email from them and this too was something I was not expecting at all.

Thank you everyone.  It's nice to know that I have been an influence for good.

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