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The Underoos that Ate New York

Today I've been having fun playing some old games.

Way back in the early 80's I bought a game called Zork at the local Radio Shack.  This was back in the days when graphical video games were only found in arcades.  Zork, and other text adventure games that followed over the next decade were more like reading a book, but you could interact with the characters.  In essence, you played the part of the protagonist.  It was absolutely fascinating.  Like a book, there are no graphics or pictures.  It's all in your head.

The big interactive fiction company was called Infocom (long dead) and a few years ago I found their entire catalog of software online for sale and bought everything.  At about the same time I found out that other fans of interactive fiction have been keeping the concept alive by writing new games.  Unfortunately I was so deep into other projects that I never got around to playing any of them.  A few days ago I loaded up the software and started playing again.

If you would like to play Zork online, go here.  It's pretty cool.

Oh, about the title of this entry...  "The Underoos that Ate New York" is the name of another interactive fiction story I am playing at the moment.  It's quite funny. 

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