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I have been drinking way too much caffeine lately.  What I have discovered is that the amount I drink is 100% proportional to the largest container in front of me.  A week ago I stopped at Circle-K and bought one of their gargantuan 64 ounce insulated mugs and have been filling that thing up daily with Diet Pepsi.  It takes about 4 to 5 hours to drink the whole thing.

Liz and I were talking about this months ago when we tried to lay off the caffeine.  Diet Pepsi has that taste, that taste that lets you know that the meal is over.  Water just doesn't do the trick.  I'm an addict, I admit it. 

Updated Feb 16, 2006: I have decided to check myself into the Circle-K Treatment Program for Chronic Caffeine Abusers (sorry, no funny acronym available).  To the left of the spigot that delivers the caffeinated spawn from hell, is the Caffeine Free Diet Coke dispenser.  I will be fulling my mug/bucket with that instead and when the addiction is gone I'll stop drinking that too.  Maybe we need a 1 calorie 12 step program.

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