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Summer Vacation

We're back.  Bet ya didn't even know we were gone. 

On the 24th of June, Liz and I drove from Phoenix all the way to my home town of Willits, California.  Getting there took a total of 19 hours including time for lunch with her grandma in Los Angeles and semi-frequent stops to stretch. 

Accompanying us on this trip was the ever amazing Tori the Puppy, Liz's brand spankin new 11 week old miniature daschund.  What a great dog, she didn't complain once the whole drive and she kept us great company.  Also along was Moonie the Rat.  Moonie was sick with pneumonia when we left and was all better until the last few hours of the drive home.  He's now being treated for other ailments. 

The vacation itself was wonderful.  We drove through the Avenue of the Giants where all the big Northern California redwoods are.  The next day we went to Fort Bragg and walked along the beach.  The tide was very low and we saw dead beached jellyfish everywhere and quite a few star fish and sea anemones. 

The next day we went to my sister's resort at Trinity Canyon Lodge for lots of BBQs and other forms of general relaxation.  We spent 3 nights there. 

After that we went back to Willits and I was able to introduce her to some of my friends.  I wanted her to meet Darlene too but we ran out of time due to my having to service the family computer.  I upgraded my parents home computer to the latest version of CentOS Linux.  They were using Fedora before but it became too difficult for me to maintain remotely. 

We left for home on Sunday and made it in 15 hours exactly. 

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