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Watch your frelling language.

With regard to my previous post and from a conversation long ago, some have said "How can you use such language and still call yourself a Christian?"  This leads me to ask them "How can you know what such language means and still call yourself a Christian?"

With the sole exception of using our Lord God's name in vain, there is no such thing as a BAD WORD, only BAD INTENT.

If someone yells "fuck" in a forest and there is no one there to be offended, is it still offensive?  I think not.  On the other hand, if your scream that word while in Sunday School, then yes, it is offensive (aka sinful).  It became bad because you said it in a place where you knew people would be offended.  The rule of thumb is: Don't sin and don't cause your brother to sin (or your sister either!)

The meaning and tenacity of words vary between cultural and language groups.  There are words that mean one thing in one languange, and something else in another.  If some words were truly sinful, then they would be bad in every language, even if the word turned out to mean "cupcake" in Amercian English.  "Shite" means nothing to me, but in the UK I am told that it would get my mouth washed out with soap.  Yuck.  A good Spotted Dick in England could get me accolades but in the USA would get me massive doses of Penicillin and possibly an ass kicking.  An ass kicking today would hurt me, but an ass kicking a few centuries ago would only have hurt my donkey.  I need not go into fags and faggots.

Just chill out.

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