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Roll'n, Roll'n, Roll'n...

An average man and an average woman are watching a ball that has been rolling around for a long time.

The man thinks the ball is damned cool.  Well, it is!  There must be a lot of energy within it to make it roll for so long.  Someone must have kicked it really hard.  Lot's of kinetic energy in that there ball.  That is a good strong ball.  Where can I get a kick-ass ball like that or how can I make one just like it?  I wonder how fast that thing is rolling?  I could measure it's speed it but there there's that Heisenberg Principal thing to worry about.  Ya know, if the ball was smoother, it might even roll faster.  It's been rolling for a long time so it's probably going to keep on rolling for a long time to come.  That's what a good strong ball does.  That is some ball!  I have to show my friends this ball.

The woman thinks the ball is pretty.  The person who made the ball, what was he thinking about when he made it?  Does he have children?  Others might enjoy watching the ball too, especially children.  Did he make it for his children?  Why is the ball red?  Maybe his wife liked red.  What is his wife like?  Is she pretty?  The ball would most certainly be prettier if it was pink, would it not?  Pink would be beautiful.  This ball would make such a wonderful gift for someone, but would they appreciate it's beauty?  Of course they would!  This ball holds a very special place in my heart and I will cherish it always.  Someday I'll tell my own children about it.  I wonder what motivated the person to start that ball rolling in the first place?  The ball has to stop at some point.  When?  Sad.

The ball, of course, could care less.

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