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Who are the people in my neighborhood.

In the 6 years that I have been running the Disabilities-R-Us chat room, I've been able to meet a lot of interesting people.  Mainstream psychologists, and I myself, tend to agree that in and of themselves, online chat rooms are not healthy things.  While they may be entertaining, they are bad for proper social development.  I see examples of this daily when encountering rebelious youth online.  If you translated thier online deeds to real-life situations, many would be rightfully placed into prisons for those deeds.

Right after I became a Christian (around age 20) I was consulting with a man who was interested in setting up a Christian radio station in South America.  I had my walkman with me so he eventually asked me what kind of music I was listening to.  The group was "2nd Chapter of Acts", a 70's version of what a Christian rock band was.  Pretty tame stuff by today's standards.  The man was pretty upset and he lectured me all about how rock music is evil and God cannot possibly use it.  I still believe he's wrong.

As a friend pointed out to me recently, just as there is a reason, time and place for music, there is also a reason, time and place for some chat rooms.  Disabilities-R-Us is one of them.  It's a place where if you cannot get out in your neighborhood, we will bring the neighborhood to you.  I've had the opportunity to become friends with a lot of great minds, meet a lot of them face to face, and sadly to watch a lot of them die.

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