Dana's Writings

Why Don't I Fit In, or Belong?

I don't feel as though I fit in or belong anywhere.  Not at school, not at home.  not camp or church, or even in my own family.

I don't fit in with people my own age.  I don't fit in with people younger or older then me.  I don't even fit in with people of the same body type.

I try to fit in, but still be myself.  It never works, I never feel like I belong.  Not even in web communities or chat rooms, like face book or Dis_r_us.  I don't even fit in the new CF chat room.  My CF is so mild I can't relate to others with CF.

The one and only place where I truly fit in and belong is in my own room with the door shut, making it my own little world.  Where there's love and friendship.  Where clicks and shunning don't exist.  Where no one can dislike or hurt me.