Anonymous' Writings

My Neck

My neck is a unique thing.

My neck is a unique thing.
It helps me carry my head high even when I am sad or hurt.
It also holds my voice, I love to sing.
I thank God for giving me my neck to help me walk tall,
so my head stays above the swirling waters of life.

Gee, you have a long neck!

A little boy once said to me "Gee, you have a long neck!"
It made me wonder for the longest time.
I would look at in the mirror.
It's not too long!
My teeshirt collars were to wide so it showed much more!
They still are too wide, but I like my clothes loose.
Sorry Tyson, your mistake.
I like my neck just fine, thank you very much!

Supported by her knees

When I was a very small child, my Grandmother used to sit me on her lap facing her, my legs dangling to the sides.
I was so small I could lay back on her legs and my head was supported by her knees.
She held each of my hands in hers and would hold my arms out to the side.
Ever so slowly, she would lean forward while making smacky lips noises and saying, "I need some sugars!"
Then she would smother my neck in kisses, "eating me up" because I was so sweet.
I would laugh and laugh until I was in danger of wetting my pants.
It's one of my favorite memories.
To this day I still love to have someone kiss my neck, though
I will sometimes crack up laughing at inopportune romantic moments
despite my best efforts not to.

Life's heavy!

My neck holds tightly keeping me from drowning in my own troubled waters
Pride and strong muscles keep me afloat
Never wanting to lose my head no matter what kind of dread lays ahead
wont weigh me down or get my goat
withholding heartache leaves a lump
Guess what that pain in the neck means?
Even though it 's all in the throat
Voicebox's surging; singing; shouting words
Not always so appealing but what has emurged
I hope held some heartfelt special meanings
Necks turns to and fro to maybe catch what life's got commin and maybe Catching a glimst of what has gone
Swallowing moving foward not tripping over any life's messy tangled Stumps!
And with all of this going on
Holding our heads up!  to keep on rolling along!
Whew!  -- Life's heavy!