Anonymous' Writings

My Head

A Polish head

My head is a Polish head.  Not polished, but Polish.  My bio-father
pointed it out one day in a bar.  On the back of my head, just below
the top is a seemingly flat spot.  He says this is a polish trait.
I had never noticed before.  It's not visible to the naked eye and
none of my naked friends seem to notice either.

Is this good or bad?  Who cares!  It is interesting though.

Without My Head I Would Surly Be Dead .

Without My Head I Would Surly Be Dead .
I Couldn't See All Of Natures Gifts Unfold
Under That Dome Holds All Those Conectors ;You Would'nt want Damaged Or Turn  Mushy Cold ;It Would empty All Your Motions And Emotions To Fill You With Much Dread
Just Like Our Computers  With All Our Memories and Actions It's Truly A Must to Have Yeah I'm Talking About My Sane Brain; No Drain Brain;Brain Drain Would Be A Shame!
I Couldn't Hear; The Wind; The Rain;
The Rhythmic Sounds Of Music Emerge And Any Old Stories Told not even
What Anyone Has Said
I Couldn't Speak Or Make My Feelings Known
I Couldn't Smell Flowers ;Food Or Cologne Even Some Scents You Might Rather Leave Alone
To Never Kiss Or Fall In Love Or Have A Fling
Could Never Even Dangle An Earring
I Couldn't Find Any Rhyme Or Reason To Be Alive or Sing
I Couldn't Taste Chew Or Think And
Learn New Things
Never Be Able To Style My Hair
Not Even To Ever Wear A Hat
Could'nt Move A Nerve Or Even A Muscle
Could Never Deal With That
Without My Head Big ole Wonderful Bubble Head I'd Look Rather Silly Don't You Think?