Anonymous' Writings

My Fingers

My eyes in the darkness

My fingers are my eyes in the darkness,
even though I have have the gift of sight.

They're more than that...

With my fingers,
I can see hot and cold,
I can see the wind,
I can see inside you as I feed you pleasure.

With my fingers,
I can bring metamorphosis to a shapeless ball of clay,
I can feel your heart giving you life,
I can wipe the tears from your eyes.

With my fingers,
I gave shape to these words.

Turning these thoughts into objects

As I sit here my fingers are turning these thoughts into objects.
Objects that can be created, modified, destroyed -- appreciated, or not.
As I ponder the above two lines, my fingers flip a small object over and over.
How does this happen?
How does a little girl twirl a baton?
How does one play a guitar or a piano?
Like the rest of the human form, fingers are amazing.