Anonymous' Writings

My Arms

Receive hugs.

Arms really are amazing things.
They allow us to give,
and receive hugs.
They enable us to carry,
and do things for other people.


They don't look like it, but my arms are strong.
They can lift me off of the floor,
or pull me out of a chair.
I don't know if they would win me a tug-o-war,
but I do know they can hold someone and make them feel safe.

I think we would both like it.

My arms were made for holding.
You should let me hold you!
I think we would both like it. 

Sewing The Under Arms

My Arms Were My Legs ;So To Speak
For Many Years I Was Walking
On Crutches; I Would Hop For Miles And Many Hours
I Would Wear Out Shirts And Blouses More Then Shoes:
Sewing The Under Arms
Of The Garments And Bras:
I Tried So Very Hard To Keep Up With My Friends As A Teen
I Made It Look Effortleess
As I  Hopped As Fast
As I Could Go
Smiling & Laughing With Each and Every Step
Even Though When I Got Home I Would Have To Mend Not Only My Clothes
But My Broken Bloody Skin; Never Once Grimesing in Pain
I Wanted To Be Accepted Amonst My Peers It Was So Very Important To Me; At The Time
As Time Goes On I Still Am Moved By My Strong Arms But Now From A Wheelchair
Which I Stubernly Protested For Many More Years Then I Should Have;
For The Mere  Fact That Once In The Chair; Chores  & Life Were Much More Easier For Me
Clueless People Treat Me
Oh So Completly Differently; Sometimes A Little More Uncomfortably
Being on Crutches The Disabillity Was Assesed  By Others As A Wound That Would Heal In Time
Now I Would Not Be Equal In Others Eyes Anymore
From The Chair ;I Am Still The Same Person !
I Pity Them Now; Looking Away And Not Seeing Me: The Real Me!
Frightened They Are By Me; I Am Sorry To Notice That I Am
The Reminder Of Lifes Frailities By Most Of The Abbled Bodied.
The Ageing Have To Face This Indifference Too!
The Smart People See Lifes Preserverence& Peoples Strengths
Now ;This Stage In My Life I Would Love To Take
These Arms And Squeeze Some Sence Out Of All Those
Fretful Frightfull Rebels Without A Clue!