Anonymous' Writings

My Feet

The Stars

My feet help me go anywhere I want except the the stars,
they can be used for protection against pushy men or robbers.
My feet can smell at times, but shhh no one knows that but me! 
Feet are so cool,
they take us almost anwhere we want to go.

I try to keep discreet

My feet; I try to keep discreet; Small twisted ugly
One who truly loves me will not turn away and comment "Oh how fugly"
Just accept no matter how cold between the sheets they are snugly and cuddly
They are attached to me even though they they make it a struggle where i want to go
Even so I try to put my best foot foward
Try not to have foot in mouth as I try to stumble about
In this walking world I still descover many new wonderful things
without taking one step.
Feets don't stop me now!