Anonymous' Writings

My Hair

Salon Style Hair

When I was a younger all the women in the hair salon would literally line up to run their fingers through my hair.  Women loved to touch it and children loved to brush it.  I had a thick head of it.

Now there's a little grey in it, but I'm not worried about it because there was some grey in it when i was 20.  There is a tiny bald spot on top too.  I didn't even know it was there until I saw my head on a security camera.  When I brush my hair, it's covered.  I don't brush my hair to cover it, it just the way I have always brushed it.

All in all my hair is still pretty nice.

Soft, shiney strands.

My hair is soft, shiney strands of silken gold that shines in the sun.
When I am upset, running my fingers through my hair is very soothing.
And I love the feel of the wind in my hair on a cool spring day.
It's very exhilarating!

Long Golden Curls

My long Golden curls tickle
and caress my back like
an invisible lover;
Brushing lightly over my
nakedness like a
sensuous feather.
If only me to admire what my
effort put forth has
A look I wanted and created
to make me feel good;
Clean and alive
Thriving in a lonely world;
Tingling from the static energy;
Sensations I can secretly keep or share.
Like blowing in the wind
Hopefully never waving goodbye! 


My hair is in the middle of a transition,
After coloring for the last three years,
I am allowing my white to come back in.
This makes me joyous,
as I watch my gray and white return,
it frames my face like a halo,
new and bright.
I will not cut it again, after I have the last of the color cut out.
The new hair is so soft,
and the color reminds me,
of how much life I have lived.
Mother Nature has given me a new outlook,
as she gives back to me what is truly mine.
I am embracing this gift,
for it is part of me.