Anonymous' Writings

My Skin

My skin is soft and smooth

My skin is soft and smooth,
I love to be touched and carressed.
It sends a warm fuzzy feeling straight through me,
and helps to thaw the pain of hurt and rejection that lives deep within me.

The biggest organ

Some men want their penis to be their biggest organ,
but our skin already has that claim to fame.
Skin comes in many colors,
and mine just so happens to be pinkish/white with a shade of tan.
It doesn't really matter what the color is though
because all skin feels the same thing.
It feels my own touch,
and it shudders when touched by a lover.

The wind blowing across my naked body

When clothing touches my skin, it annoys me.
Little compares to the feeling of wind blowing across my naked body.
Today I hiked with clothes on.  Remind me to never do that again.

Do you still have nice skin?

"Do you still have nice skin?" I'm asked when a friend hasn't seen me for a while and write or call.  It catches me off guard and i think to myself "well it's without zits and silky to the touch?" Never take too much time thinking about my skin.  It's just a shell carries me around gives me a little younger look.  My nice skin is wasted, I get touched more on the inside then the outside!  Sometimes the outside shows what the inside knows.  scars on the outside healed over.  Scars on the inside can never heal or go away.