Anonymous' Writings

My Eyes

The ocean that looks like there is no end.

My eyes are the part of my body that I treasure the most.
They give me a chance to see the wonderful things we have in this world.
The beautiful flowers, the sunshine that can brighten any one's day.
I believe the eyes open up a whole new world
if you just take the time to enjoy the things God has created.
The ocean that looks like there is no end.
The rainbows that make you dream of a pot of gold on the other end.
When you look into someone's eyes I believe you can see the real person.
You can see into their soul.
Eyes are a wonderful thing that can show u so many things
if you just take the time to really look.

The life, love, and what's after.

When eyes become dull, life is slipping away from the beholder.
When eyes are full and bright life is in the beholder's grasp.
When eyes look away they are trying to hide something or someone.
When eyes never leave they are trying to take or control something.
When eyes cry the beholder has lost or gained  something very dear to themselves.
When eyes show nothing the beholder feels nothing.
When eyes are closed the beholder is either feeling love or depression.
The only way you can tell if the eyes are doing anything
is to first experience what they are doing.
The only way you can experience these things is through
the life, love, and what's after. 

Big aqua eyes

My Eyes

My big aqua eyes can pull you in if you let me?
Get lost in them if you let me?
I would also love to lose myself in someone else's eyes
Without any lies; disguises or ugly surprizes.
I wanna feel lost yet found and most importantly sound
Reflecting all of natures promising highs
To Hopefully unlock the key that releases the real me you see!

The windows to one's soul

Eyes are the windows to one's soul.
In my eyes I see laughter,
sadness within their blue depths,
and a sparkle of mischeviousness.
Eyes that are quick to laugh,
and to forgive,
that give forth tears and emotions.
Just within my eyes.

Why won't you look into my world anymore?

Why won't you look into my world anymore?
Is it because they reflect the effect of your touch?
No poker face for me.
It's the one thing I can't give you.
You took so much
but you couldn't take that important thing -
you couldn't take what lies
behind my eyes, in my eyes.
No poker face for me,
just open windows
into that wonderful world
that even you couldn't steal.

Even you can't shatter these windows. 

My eyes serve me well

My eyes,
the green of ripe olives,
brighten fiercely when I am angry,
they twinkle and dance with laughter,
when I am happy.
My eyes lay naked my feelings,
they shed tears when seeing incredible beauty,
and at times of great sadness,
my eyes are able to read another's eyes,
and embrace their emotions with empathy,
my eyes have allowed me to view art, read books,
and take in the world,
my eyes serve me well.