Anonymous' Writings

My Face


Scientists and psychologists agree that beauty is a symmetrical face.

My face is not symmetrical.
I have a few bumps here and there.
An uneven dimple.
My neck is slanted a scant 3 degrees.
I always thought I had one ear lower than the other.
What a difference 3 tiny degrees makes.

My face houses the eyes that I look at you with.

My face houses the eyes that I look at you with;
the nose and mouth that deliver my breaths of life;
the lips that can give us both many fun-filled
hours of assorted methods of entertainment;
and my chin.  Hmmm, I think it keeps my lips from falling off. 
Oh yeah, it also delivers smiles, which depending on your first name, can mean:
a).  I like you.
b).  I love you.
c).  Kiss my shiny white ass.

The mischeivious sparkle I get in my eyes

My face is what I like most bout my body for it holds my eyes, my ears, and my lips.
It's full of smile lines yet it also has it's saddness.
Sometimes it shimmers with tears.
Its smooth and soft to the touch.
My face is my favorite part of me.
It lets me smile, laugh and giggle.
It shows the mischeivious sparkle I get in my eyes. 

Truely Relieable

I Learned In My Later Years That Sometimes MY Face Was My Only Honest Truely Relieable; Dependenble Freind.  And I Was Going To Treat It So.  Get Up; Look In The Mirrow; And Count My Blessings Because I Did Have A Nice Attractive; Freindly Face; So I Learned How To Enhance My Features; What I Lacked in The physical; Maybe I could Make do With The Face; Luckier then Some I Thought; Because My Face Was Receptitve To People And That Made Me Be Less Lonely.  But Life Can Be Cruel And Many Loved Ones Dissapear; Move Far Away or Die And Soon An Attractive Face Will Shrivel And Then there is Only the Inner Me Shinning Though With My Own intellegence and Witty Personality Hidden Behind These Four Walls Away From People Because Of My Hermit Like Exsistance I Have Become Very Lonely.  I Think Sometimes It's All A Waste; and Wonder To Myself "WHY AM I HERE" I Have So Much To Give but Seemed To Get Overlooked" Still Waiting For That New Door To Open?  Not Ready To Have It Slammed In My Face.