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The best news ever!

Okay, I know it's been forever since I've written here, but I've been really busy.

The situation here continues to  devolve from less than ideal to really, really bad; so I don't stay here during the day very much anymore; riding the bus to Daniel's neighborhood as soon as I wake up; only returning to go to bed.  That is the main reason I have been neglecting this  space.  I am sorry to my three loyal readers.

I have been actively working on bettering myself, and will shortly be on the waiting list of a totally wheelchair accessible apartment complex.  I'm really excited about that.  Please send energy towards it happening soon.  I will be better about reporting results.

have been diagnosed with chronic pain and neuropathy.  Emanating from my lower back.  it is a pinched nerve; which totally and completely sucks.  Enter the ever present debate about medication relieving the pain but  knocking me out, or trying to live with the pain to function and feel mentally like myself.  Because I have  been told t will never go away, and there's nothing anybody can do to really fix  it.  Oh joy.  I have become elderly at just shy of 34.

So, are you wondering what the best news ever is?

I found out my service dog boot camp begins on May 9!  there will be three weeks of learning and/or jumping  through hoops made out of  freeze-dried bullshit, but after that, I will have my service dog by my side.  I am beyond excited!  A lifelong dream is coming true at last.  I'm really nervous, though.

All in all, despite the constancy of pain, I would say my life is looking up.

And I will try my hardest to check in here more regularly, though honestly, I prefer living life to writing about it, at least only writing about it and not living it.

I love you all.

PS, Hey, Daniel!  We need a tag that says animals up there.  And I love you most of all!

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