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Well, I'm finally among the land of the blogging again, thanks to my upgrade to Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11 Premium!  I am excited/relieved.  A lot has been going on worth blogging about.

Most notably, with the help of many people, Daniel being chief among them, I have raised enough money for my service dog!  I am beyond excited about this; and it could actually end up being  life-saving.  Who knows?  I know it will save a bunch of annoyance, regardless.  So, in about a month, I will have no more situations like today, in which I had leaned over too far, and could not get myself back up, with no one around to help.  45 min.  later, someone shows up.  When I get my dog, I will tell it to brace, use it to push up on, and problem will be solved.  Not to mention I will be able to get into and out of my front door whenever I please.  I am very proud of myself for my hard work and belief.  I have had this dream my entire life, and now it is coming true!  There are really no words for the excitement about this because I know it will completely change my life.  Much much more to come, I am sure!

I am also looking for a different place to live, and although that is nothing new, I am very soon going to be much more active about it; thanks to my friend Ray and his van.  Once that happens, either school or a job of some sort will follow.

It's good sailing for Daniel and I as well, although my living situation is still pretty stress inducing.  I'm out of here whenever I can be.  And he's knee-deep in various programming projects, again and still, but we quite often meet in the middle.  His mom is coming to see us again in a short while, and there may even be travel in the future!

On the downside, my chair is in the shop again, so I'm cruising around in whatever loaner POS they had in the back of the shop, but at least I can move.  Although I don't know how I will be standing this particular vehicle for much longer, or how long I will be having to use it.  It is very uncomfortable.

Also, I'm back on antibiotics for another UTI.  But I guess that's not new news is it?  Oh well.

Those are the Cliff notes to catch you up; more details to follow shortly now that I can type with the speed of a nondisabled person again.

I'm not sure what's going to happen but 2011 is shaping up to be a great year.

Happy new year to you all!

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